2023-2024 Registration

Welcome to our Registration Page for the 2023-2024 School Year!  On this page you will find how to register and what classes are being offered.  If you have any questions or if you would like to set up a personal tour, please contact our Preschool Director, Amy Natalie. 

Email: amy@lightoflife.us Phone: 360-886-7777 ext. 104.  Thank you!

2023 -2024 Registration Dates & Schedule

January 1st - Light of Life Church Members & Current Preschool Families repeating same level

January 17th at 7pm – Current Preschool Families – 3’s Program children moving onto Pre-K

January 18th at 7pm – Alumni Preschool Families

January 26th at 7pm – New Families

3's Program Class Schedule

 $225 Monthly Tuition

Tues & Thurs AM Class 8:50am - 11:20am--4 spots left

Tues & Thurs PM Class 12:00pm - 2:30pm--11 spots left


Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

$299 Monthly Tuition

Mon, Wed & Fri AM Class 8:50am -11:20am--FULL

Mon, Wed & Fri PM Class 12:50pm - 3:20pm--6 spots left

Pre-K Extended Learning Enrichment Program

$119 Monthly Tuition

Mon, Wed & Fri 11:20am-12:50pm--FULL

*Waitlists are Available for all Full Classes.  

Please call our Preschool Office 360-886-7777 ext.104 to be placed on a waitlist.  There is no cost to be placed on the waitlist. Thank you!


Registration Form - Link will Open during Registration Times Listed Above


How to register for the 2023-2024 School Year: 

1)Complete the online registration application. 

2)Our Preschool staff will contact you, via email, on the status of your application.

3)If accepted, the $125 registration fee will be charged to the credit card you provide on the registration form.  

This is a first come first serve process. The first 12 students in each 3's Program Class and the first 16 students in each Pre-K Class will be accepted. The first 20 student in the Pre-K Enrichment Program will be accepted (minimum of 4 students in the enrichment program).

You will not be able to see if you got into the class of your choice.  Our preschool staff will contact you, via email, on the status of your application. Please allow 2 days for this process.


10% sibling discount on combined tuition

  • 3 Year Old Program-Tuition $ 225 Monthly(Sept. - May) for community or $207 for Light of Life Church Members.
  • Pre-Kindergarten - Tuition $299 Monthly(Sept.- May) for community or $279 for Light of Life Church Members.
  • Pre- K Extended Learning Enrichment - Tuition $119 Monthly(Sept - May)
  • You may choose to pay Tuition in Full or in 9 Monthly Payments.      
  • September’s Tuition is due not later than May 31 and becomes non-refundable after June 15th.
  • $125 non-refundable registration fee per student ($63 for each additional siblings), which must be paid at time of registration.